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      We advocate taking the self-management of staff as the orientation, and the knowledge management as the method to realize the effective development of human resources. The rich and multi-dimensional learning has been normalized, and become an important way to raise the professional level and personal quality of staff and improve the team cohesiveness and the core competitiveness of enterprise. Every staff here can satisfy his/her needs in the systematic training system.


      Training for New Staff:

      Induction Training

      Outward Bound

      Tutorial System – One-on-one Tutorship 

      nternship on project site


      Professional Knowledge:

       Foreign Exchange

      Forum by Industrial Masters

      Counselling for Registration Exams

      Related Trainings on International Project

      “Smelting Salon” constantly carries out  

      experience exchange and knowledge sharing


      General Knowledge:

      Training on Project Management 

      English Training

      ENFI Lecture Hall 

      Training on Management Skills

      Red Cross Rescuer Training

      Training on Business Etiquette

      Lecture on Key Period in the Growth of Infants


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