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      Actively participate in public welfare activities, and assume social responsibility

      As the capital’s spiritual civilization unit, we organized our staff to donate money and goods for victims in disaster-stricken areas, residents and children in remote areas, and needy employees. Meanwhile, the Young Volunteers Association, a team committed to the dedication of love and making contributions to the society, was established. Since the establishment, the team has conducted multiple voluntary guiding activities for passers-by around the Military Museum metro station, performed guard duties at multiple road segments and public security monitoring sites during two sessions (NPC & CPPCC) to provide security for convening the conferences, called for and organized staff to carry out activities "Warm Winter with Clothing Donations" and "Clothing Donations for the Poor" within the company, and disinfected and classified clothes donated in a professional manner, delivering warm to the poor in remote areas in the winter.  

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