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      Over years, ENFI has carried out extensive research work and practice in the field of scientific and technological breakthrough of nonferrous metal mining, mineral processing and smelting. ENFI is the first to apply several new technologies and equipment in the projects, and has obtained several important scientific and technological achievements with independent intellectual property and created several core expertise and proprietary technologies.

      At present, ENFI owns nineteen core expertise technologies which cover the specialties of mining, mineral processing, heavy nonferrous metallurgy, rare metal metallurgy, new material, ESP, wastewater treatment, gas cleaning, electrics and equipment and listed below:

      1. Oxygen bottom-blowing smelting process

      2. Copper-nickel flash smelting process

      3.Oxygen-enriched air top-blowing smelting process

      4. Extraction technology by pressure leaching

      5.Fluid bed roasting of sulfide ore

      6. Polysilicon production process

      7. Mechanical and electrical integration technology for metallurgical furnace

      8. Waste heat recovery from smelting off-gas

      9. Tailings dam building

      10. Medical and dangerous waste disposal

      11. Key equipment and technology for sulfur removal in air control

      12. Integrated technology of deep mining

      13. Block caving

      14. Paste filling

      15. Urban sewage treatment

      16. SAG/ ball milling process

      17. Optimized control for mineral processing

      18. Special communication system for mining

      19. Electrical control system for shaft hoist

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