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      Waste Heat Boiler
      DATE:17 November 2017 瀏覽次數:
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      Since the introduction, on behalf of china, of reverberatory furnace, fluidized-bed combustion boiler, roaster, flash furnace, QSL furnace and other waste heat boilers from Japan, Finland, West Germany, etc. in 1960s, we have developed the metallurgical waste heat boiler for lead, zinc, copper, nickel and tin etc. by ourselves, which can effectively solve difficult problems such as the fouling, slagging, corrosion and wear.

      Through the unremitting effort, investigation, innovation and development of several generations, the waste heat boiler, as one of the professional core technologies owns more than 20 independent intellectual property rights and patents in structural design, forced circulation, thermodynamic calculation, control system, dedusting equipment and other key technologies, and has advantages such as the diversity of supported furnaces, wide range of application, high reliability and good economic benefit.

      In recent years, we have completed more than 100 designs of non-ferrous metallurgical waste heat boiler, and undertaken more than 40 EPC projects of waste heat boiler, including the world's first waste heat boiler for oxygen-enriched top-blowing nickel smelting furnace with the largest steam generation (capacity of 1 million t/a and steam generation of 150 t/h), the world's first waste heat boiler of copper flash furnace with the largest evaporation (capacity of 400,000 t/a and steam generation of 116 t/h), and the world's first high-temperature superheated steam boiler (4.2 MPa, 420℃), creating 11 first design cases of China metallurgical waste heat boiler. We have successfully provided excellent services for Jinchuan, Baiyin, Daye, Jiangxi Copper, Yunnan Copper, Yunnan Tin, Jien Nickel, China Nonferrous and other companies, and exported the waste heat boiler to more than 10 countries such as India, Pakistan, Zambia, Congo, Myanmar, Vietnam and Papua New Guinea.

      Types of waste heat boiler:

      Advantages of waste heat boiler: 

      Technical advantages of waste heat boiler:

      Typical projects:

      (1) Jinchuan Oxygen-Enriched Top-Blowing Nickel Smelting Furnace 

      This EPC project is located in Jinchang City, Gansu Province, and put into production in October 2008.

      It is the world's largest oxygen-enriched top-blowing nickel smelting project at present. The project investment is over 2 billion yuan, with the design capacity of one million t/a nickel concentrate, and the nickel smelting capacity is increased every year, with the high nickel content in nickel matte of 60 thousand tons. The nickel smelting furnace is φ5 m in inner diameter and 16.5 m in furnace height, which is currently a top-blowing smelting furnace with the world's largest diameter and highest height.

      It is the world's first waste heat boiler for oxygen-enriched top-blowing nickel smelting furnace, and also the waste heat boiler of non-ferrous metallurgical furnace with the world's largest steam generation, which is characterized with the large amount of offgas in boiler, high offgas temperature, frequent change in operating conditions and large fluctuation of heat load.

      The successful development of this waste heat boiler has solved many technical problems encountered in the design of waste heat boilers of the same type, and a lot of technological innovation has also been implemented, which makes good economic benefits for the owner, creates conditions for the energy saving and emission reduction of smelters and make contributions to the development of waste heat recovery technology of non-ferrous metallurgical industry, having a profound impact on the industry.

      The research content of this project is at the forefront of waste heat recovery technology development, and research results have reached the international advanced level, with good market prospect and great promotional value in the field of non-ferrous smelting waste heat recovery.

      (2) Waste heat boiler of Ausmelt furnace of Daye Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd.

      This EPC project is located in Huangshi City, Hubei Province, and put into production in December 2010.

      It is an energy saving and emission reduction project of the national "Eleventh Five-Year Plan", and also the key energy saving and emission reduction project in Hubei Province, with the total investment of about 1.5 billion yuan, which is the supporting waste heat boiler of Ausmelt smelting furnace for 300,000 t/a copper anode.

      Since the production, it has ensured the production process of smelting furnace, created good conditions for the subsequent offgas dust collection and acid making, recovered a large amount of waste heat from smelting offgas, produced a lot of steam, saved the fuel, reduced the smelting energy consumption, improved the economy of overall smelting production, made good economic, environmental and social effects for the owner, greatly supported the local construction and all economic and technical indicators have reached the international advanced level.

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