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      Comprehensive Demonstration Base Project of Anyang Precision
      DATE:17 November 2017 瀏覽次數:
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      Project site: Anyang City, Henan

      Construction area: about 34,500 square meters

      Completion time: under construction

      The owner is Chinese Association of Resource Comprehensive Utilization. The construction content mainly includes the 1# plant, 2# plant, 3# plant, 4# plant, 5# plant, boiler room, complex building, etc., and the main function of complex building includes the office, shift dormitory and canteen.

      The designed functional area is clear, adapted to process requirements, convenient for production and operation, consistent with various production safety requirements, as well as strives for the flat surface and attractive appearance, reflects the modern industrial architecture feature and corporate image, and establishes the feature of demonstration plant with high quality. The plant is designed to be compact in area, rational in structure and convenient for construction, which reflects the humanized and modern design on the basis of economy. The green design philosophy is emphasized, requirements of the project for construction, production & operation, future relocation, etc. are considered and green, reusable building materials are used as much as possible. The design philosophy of energy saving and environmental protection is integrated into the architectural design, and the heat preservation and thermal insulation design are fully considered for building envelope systems.

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