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      Xincheng Avenue Reconstruction Project of ZengchengCity
      DATE:17 November 2017 瀏覽次數:
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      Location: Xincheng District, ZengchengCity, Guangzhou

      Investment scale: 1 billion yuan

      Completion time: under construction

      According to the overall planning of ZengchengCity, this project is positioned as the urban trunk road, which goes from the Zengcheng Avenue in the north to the Nanbei Avenue in the south, with the total length of 9.645 km; the road grade is subject to the urban trunk road standard and the design speed is 60 km/h. The boundary line of road is 80 m in width, standard cross section is designed as four-carriageway and motor way as two-way eight-lane, with auxiliary roads arranged on both sides. After the completion of this project, a large number of inter-regional short- and middle-distance passengers will be attracted to enter Zengcheng center through the road for leisure, tourism and consumption, which is conducive to the construction and development of ZengchengCity.

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