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      Emergency Drill Organized on Project Site of HUSAB Sulfuric Acid Plant in Namibi...
      DATE:05 April 2015 瀏覽次數:
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      On April 24th, an emergency drill against falls from height was organized on the project site of HUSAB sulfuric acid plant in Namibia.

      In this close-to-actuality drill, a set of procedures were simulated including post-accident mechanisms of reporting, security, coordination among all related parties, and on-site rescue. The participants showed quick response, and took appropriate and effective measures in accident handling. Details in the drill will be optimized and improved. The drill target has been reached.

      As the project rolls out at full length, all the on-site staff are working hard to overcome the adverse working conditions, improve the construction plan and schedule, and have conducted night-time working. The staff will strictly fulfil their commitment on HSE management, and ensure that the goal of “Five Zeros, One Reduced” is met, while pushing forward the construction and striving to finish the Project on time.

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