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      Sulfuric Acid Project Moving On Steadily in Namibia
      DATE:17 July 2015 瀏覽次數:
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      To accelerate construction, the Project team has taken a series of measures promptly, including preassembling specially designed equipment, increasing working face, and readjusting part of the construction order. With the team’s concerted efforts, 80% of the specially designed installation has been finished; nearly half of the plant steel structure has been erected; the installation of pipes and the laying of corrosion-proof, refractory, and acid-resistant bricks have been conducted all at the same time; the installation of electrical equipment and instrumentation is being prepared, and will be started when the required working face is ready.

      As construction orderly moves on, safety is always kept in mind. The project team has made safety the top priority and educated every member of staff on HSE. A series of safety measures have been taken, including safety education before going abroad, safety training after arriving at the project site, an introduction to the local conditions, training for the construction units, and signing safety responsibility pledges. Posters containing educational diagrams and texts are put up at the entrances to the construction site, and safety responsibility is assigned to people by areas. Warning signs are hung in enclosed space, and workers are required to wear five-point safety harness. The construction site is examined for safety and working environment twice per week, and key areas are inspected on a daily basis. Working equipment is examined every month, and important pieces such as suspension cables and hooks are examined every two weeks. A weekly safety meeting is held, and safety policies on rewards and punishments are stipulated. Emergency drills are organized. Safety is ensured in adverse conditions where a lot of activities are carried out with overlapping space, many jobs at heights are involved, with limited working space and hot temperature in the daytime.

      To ensure construction quality, the project team has entrusted ENFI’s Project Supervision Department with the supervision of construction quality, process documents, and delivery materials of the project. The department will also be responsible for reviewing report, conducting on-site inspections, standing-by supervision, witnessing, and special quality tests of key equipment and technical processes. At the same time, quality data is recorded and problems spotted are solved promptly and tracked afterwards to ensure no problem is left unsolved and that subsequent work will not be affected. Up until now no quality accident has occurred at the current rate of progress.

      Now that the project has come into a critical stage, the project team will, with the support of leaders and departments of ENFI, continue to strengthen on-site construction management, meet construction demands with sound cooperation in design and procurement, in order to accelerate project progress while ensuring safety and quality.

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