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      Successful Start-up of the Double SKS Process Lead Smelter Undertaken by ENFI as EPC Contractor
      DATE:05 September 2014 瀏覽次數:
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      On August 28, the 100 kt/a electric lead smelting Project for Chifeng Shanjin Silver & Lead Co., Ltd. undertaken by ENFI as EPC contractor formally proceeded to test-run stage. On August 31, the SKS smelting furnace started up, successfully tapping lead and slag, the later was smoothly led into the SKS converting furnace and successfully produced lead on September 1 and tapped slag on September 2. This is a mark that the double SKS lead smelting process of Chifeng Shanjin Silver & Lead Co., Ltd. was fully started up smoothly. The success in first blow-in and steady production reflected the comprehensive strength of ENFI in lead smelting technology field and EPC project management.

      Different from other similar projects, this project involved a technological upgrade of existing facilities to maximize utilization of the facilities and save investment. In order to use existing facilities to the maximum extent and save investment, ENFI project team made thorough analysis and demonstration and full communication with the Owner, successfully completed the design of “double SKS” smelting process and the configuration of “three combined furnaces”(SKS smelting furnace + SKS converting furnace + fuming furnace) by taking full advantage of its SKS lead smelting process. Meanwhile, ENFI optimized core equipment like  lance, water quenching system and ventilating system to lay a solid foundation for successful start-up and smooth production of the project.

      During construction, the construction management team has worked on site throughout to ensure steady progress of the project and the designer team provided high-quality technical support services on site. During project commissioning, experts at all levels of ENFI were present on site to give a start-up training and guidance and technical services, making a concerted effort to ensure satisfactory start-up of the project.

      The successful start-up of the project is inseparable from the great support of the Owner, construction parties and ENFI headquarters. The project team will continue joining hands with each party to follow up the project and provide high quality services for the successful completion of trial operation.

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