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      ENFI Completed the Feasibility Study Report for the First Copper Smelting Project in Mongolia
      DATE:23 May 2014 瀏覽次數:
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      On May 23, ENFI completed the feasibility study on the 120kt/a Copper Smelting Project of Mongolian HOKO, marking further advance of the first copper smelting project in Mongolia.

      HOKO 120kt/a Copper Smelter is the first copper smelting enterprise in Mongolia. Although Mongolia is rich in cooper concentrate, it had to export copper concentrate for a long time due to the lack of domestic copper smelting and processing enterprises. In order to enhance national economic strength, expand employment, improve industrialization process and promote development of relating industries, Mongolian government kept driving construction of the first copper smelter by promoting and coordinating the progress of the project. Chinese and Mongolian governments strengthened cooperation to give fully support in technology and finance according to bilateral documents. HOKO carried out constructive activities in this procedure, including fully investigating and studying copper smelting industries in Chile, America, China, etc. ENFI developed feasibility study report on the project. After a visit to the oxygen bottom-blowing copper smelters designed by ENFI, HOKO delegation have had a better understanding of the ENFI-owned technology and greater confidence to construct copper smelter with this technology.

      Six people from HOKO, including Chairman DOVCHIN.NYMAA and General Consultant, along with specialists like Chief Technology Officer from the Owner’s consultant firm, Shining Resources Development Cor., Lted., attended the reviewing meeting of the feasibility study report on the Mongolian HOKO 120kt/a Copper Smelting Project. After careful review, all experts considered that the feasibility study report prepared by ENFI conformed to the requirements of bidding document and contract requirements, and that the content, depth and format of the report conformed to relevant standards of nonferrous metals industry. Advanced technology and accurate and detailed technical-economic indicators set a solid foundation for the project advance.

      In the communication, leadership of ENFI stated that ENFI is an international engineering company with integrated Class A design qualification and rich experience and good performance in copper smelting project design. The oxygen bottom-blowing process is ENFI’s core patent technology. ENFI has confidence and ability to supply high quality technical services in the whole project for HOKO. Working together with the Owner and its consultant firm, ENFI will provide the design to the first copper smelter in Mongolia to build the smelter with good economic returns, product quality in compliance with international standard, environmental index consistent with Mongolian requirements, advanced technology and reliable equipment.

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