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      Wu Shaohui Attended Activities in Asia Copper Week
      DATE:24 November 2015 瀏覽次數:
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      The days of Nov. 17-19 has witnessed the grand opening of the Asia Copper Week in Shanghai, a world copper industry event co-hosted by Shanghai Futures Exchange (SHFE) and Center for Copper and Mining Studies (CESCO). ENFI’s President Mr. Wushaohui and vice president Mr. Liu Cheng, invited as the special guests, led a delegation to attend meetings and series of activities. They also met with leaders of enterprises like Codelco and Anglo American plc, etc.  

      Asia Copper Week, which has run three consecutively, is one of the most important and magnificent mining events in Asia, including the 11th Asia Copper Conference, CEO Summit and Asia Copper Dinner 2015. 40 industrial leaders and nearly 2000 industry representatives attended the meeting, who were from International Copper Association, Chilean Mining Ministry, Codelco, Anglo American, London Metal Exchange (LME), Minmetals, Chinalco, Jiangxi Copper Corporation, JNMC, Daye Nonferrous and Metal Bulletin, etc.

      ENFI is the only one engineering corporation that is invited. Mr. Wu Shaohui made a speech on the CEO Summit. He pointed out that China is both the biggest copper consumer and producer in the world. As an engineering company in the Chinese nonferrous metal field, ENFI has been at the cutting edge of the industry by successfully applying such advanced copper smelting technologies as Ausmelt, ISA and flash process to the designed copper smelters. ENFI is making unremitting endeavor for sustainable development of the industry by focusing on innovation and commercialization of the copper smelting technology, which features low cost and energy consumption, less emission and discharge, high recovery and capability to treat complex feed.

      The oxygen bottom-blowing technology for both copper and lead smelting and bottom-blowing continuous copper smelting technology (i.e. SKS/BBS+BCC copper smelting process, SKS+RSKS lead smelting process) are independently invented by ENFI, which has been widely and continuously promoted and applied. During the process, ENFI and Humon Corporation jointly developed in-depth study on treating low-Cu high-As copper ore, which is both the high concern of the copper industry and an urgent issue to be tackled with for Chilean companies. In the in-depth study, ENFI and Humon jointly developed the dry process arsenic removal technology by fully making use of the advantageous As and impurities removal performance during oxygen bottom-blowing smelting process. The technology overcomes the obstacles for copper smelting industry and set a good example for treating high-As copper ore in world.

      Mr. Wu Shaohui said on the meeting that ENFI is willing to share the experience with industry peers and seeks deeper and profound cooperation, to contribute more for green development of mines and smelters worldwide.

      Mr. Wu Shaohui has met separately with Aurara Williams (the Minister of Chilean Mining Ministry), Nelson Pizarro (CEO of CODELCO, the world’s largest copper company), Duncan Wanblad (CEO of Base Metal and Mining Business of Anglo American, world’s well-known mining company), Ivan Arriagada (CEO of Antofagasta, important mining company in Chile), Badamsuren (former parliament member of Mongolia and also copper smelting project director in the Mongolian Industry Minister).

      During the meetings, Wu Shaohui and ENFI team introduced ENFI profile from aspects of development history, businesses, project references and technology R&D, etc. ENFI, as Mr. Wu said, is state-owned corporation committed to providing integrated services of consulting, design and engineering, EP/EPC and project management, as well as new energy and resources development. Besides the long-engaged nonferrous mining and smelting business, ENFI is also very experienced in and leading in such areas as secondary recovery, waste heat recovery and photovoltaic power generation, etc. ENFI is willing to bring its technical advantages into full play, so as to facilitate overseas smelters in Chile and Mongolia to address their own problems, meet the increasingly strict environment requirements and improve economic and environment benefits.    

      During the Asia Copper Week, Mr. Wu Shaohui also met with corporate leaders from Shandong Humon, China National Gold Group (in Sanmenxia, Henan Province), Lingbao Mining and Huading Copper Development, etc.  

      The Senior Project Manager of ENFI, Mr. Yan Jie, made a keynote speech Technological Innovation Improves Environmental Condition in Chilean Smelters, focusing on SKS/BBS, SKS/BBS+BCC, and offgas As-removal technologies that are proprietarily and independently owned by ENFI. 

      In the meeting, ENFI fully demonstrated its strength as a leader in the industry, and enhanced communication with government sectors, renowned enterprises, and industry organizations from world’s mining field. President Xi Jinping proposes that China and Chile shall enhance cooperation in areas of mining, science and technology and clean energy. Within this context, ENFI will continue tapping potential of overseas markets as represented by the Chilean market, and speeding up the pace of "going global" to stride towards the goal of being the best and largest national team in the world providing metallurgical construction and operation services.

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